Our Mission Statement

“We believe every child is a star. This includes children with learning differences. With early intervention and specialist teaching, they can reach their potential.”


Our Story

Stars Incorporation was created with the following purposes:

  • Create awareness amongst parents and mainstream teachers about children with learning differences
  • Assist parents on where and how to seek help
  • Provide a holistic solution catered to the child’s specific needs
  • Assist our children attain their fullest potential

Stars Excel was recently established with the primary aim of helping students, who are non-native English speakers, to significantly improve their English Language results in order to succeed in their school entry goals.

Stars Incorporation was awarded the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award in November 2012 and the SME Prestige Award in October 2013.

The creation of Stars Inc in a short period of time was possible with the support and loyalty from our existing clients. The people behind Stars would like parents to know that help is available, and with the right guidance and early intervention, their child will be able to achieve their maximum capability. We believe every child is a star.