Our Guiding Stars

The teachers who make it all happen!

Stars Champ


Lorna Ng
Lorna is the Director of Stars Incorporation. She has many years of experience working with students of various ages as well as conducting workshops for teachers and training adults from the corporate world. She is an Associate of Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She holds a teacher’s diploma in Speech and Drama; Teacher’s diploma for Teaching English to Speakers of other Language; Hornsby Teacher’s diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties and completed the Orton-Gillingham teacher’s programme in Hawaii.

Lena Leong
Lena is an Educational Therapist who was a former primary school teacher and went on to learn how to support students with learning difficulties. She has more than 10 years of experience teaching Mathematics to students from the local and international schools. Lena holds a Masters in Education (Special Education); Hornsby Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties and Diploma in Early Childhood.

Linda Ong
Linda is an Educational Therapist and is passionate about helping and coaching students of all ages with general and specific difficulties in Mathematics. She has more than 10 years of experience teaching Mathematics to students of different academic levels from the local and international schools. Linda holds a Masters in Education (Special Learning Needs), a Bachelor in Social Sciences and a Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties.

Goh Hui Chin
Hui Chin holds a Masters in Arts (Ed Psych), Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy Teaching and Certificate in Dyscalculia and Numeracy Teaching. She is an educational therapist who is passionate about supporting children with learning needs. She has more than five years of experience teaching students with various learning difficulties from both the local and international schools. She has worked well with students of different ages and successfully helped them in their learning journey

Alice Chua
Alice is an experienced and effective teacher, trainer and tutor. She is a resourceful educator who utilizes an eclectic approach to address her students’ specific language learning needs, to build their confidence and competence to help them succeed. Alice holds a BA; RSA Diploma in Teaching English; Graduate Diploma in information Services; Associate, Orton-Gillingham.

Thach has diverse experience with more than 10 years of teaching English to both primary and secondary Singapore-affiliated schools, overseas. She was also a scriptwriter and a passionate writer herself. She encourages good writing in students and believes that every child can reach their own potential in their right pace. Thach holds a BA; certification in teaching TOK to IB Diploma students and OG training for students with dyslexia.

Stars Excel


Yeap Siew Lan
Siew Lan is the General Manager of Stars Excel. A qualified and experienced teacher, she works with her team of professional educators to enhance student growth and learning. She is involved directly with the planning and management of Stars Excel and strives to provide the best organizational support to ensure optimal learning outcomes.

Usha Thiyagarajan
Having a passion for teaching English, Usha strives to impart the passion for learning to her students. She encourages her students to think creatively and motivate them to achieve their goals. Provoking questions and challenges are posed to students to stretch them further.

Yeap Siew Chin
Siew Chin believes that everyone can learn and that learning is more effective if there is a high level of participation. The desire to learn is a powerful motivation to succeed!

Josephine David
Josephine believes that every student she teaches is equipped with a unique set of gifts and talents. beyond teaching them the fundamentals of the language, she strives to build in them the confidence they need to step out and do great things.

Stanley Shen
Stanley is finely sensitive to the nuances that make each child unique as a learner and he enjoys the challenges of working with students with different learning patterns and leading them to common objectives.

Jackie Teo
Jacke is always thinking up new ways to engage her students. She employs a variety of teaching techniques to keep her students interested and believes in setting high standards for herself and her students.

Rhoda Fu
Rhoda’s pedagogy is student-centered, authentic and meaningful engagement, which help students internalize and apply knowledge. She believes in leveraging real life situations to introduce and reinforce skills and concepts. Rhoda also believes in the personal touch in the classroom – sincere interactions and genuine communication – which helps students achieve their linguistic goals.

Priya Pillai
Priya feels that a teacher should be caring and compassionate towards their students. The teacher should be able to understand their anxieties about learning the language and guide them towards greater confidence and competency in using the language. This can be done by creating a safe, non-judgmental environment for them to make mistakes and try out new or different ways of expression. Only then will the students want to learn and the desired outcomes of learning can be achieved.